Gallery of Fasilkom UI's projects


BolaNG is a Natural Language Generation (NLG) system for football match report.


TEROPONG is an application that offers a different experience to the user in finding the location and the information of a place.


SMSpot is an android application that act as SMS Gateway, where the one that become the server is the android , and the one that become the client is another device such as android or PC.


Riyada is an application for smartphones with the Android platform.


Regdroid is an android-based application which let you control your subscription easier. As a provider, you can configure the availability of your content.


One of the properties favored mow is animal-care game. Myth'O'pet gaming background is native to Indonesia by presenting mythological animal characters of Indonesia.


KabarUI is news portal and radio streaming application which talk about Universitas Indonesia.

Kabar UI

KabarUI is news portal and radio streaming application which talk about Universitas Indonesia.

Green Force

Greenforce is an application which helps user reports various existing environmental problems so other users can see and be encouraged to take some real actions to solve those enviromental problems.


Lemond ECS (Electronic Coupon System) is a mobile electronic coupon system that developed to facilitate the customers and business owners.

Diary Keuangan

Diary Keuangan is a finance-record mobile application which can help users in monitoring their financial.


Backpacom give the user facility to sharing information and discuss about trip to various place in the world. User can share information about their tour.


Anonymouz is an application for Android - based smartphone users which maximize the services and sensors of the device to provide espionage experience for its users.

Fokus Bola

Fokus Bola (FOB) is an application that can provide the latest news and match schedules of 4 biggest leagues in europe.

Primbon & Soul Card

Primbon & Soul Card adalah aplikasi ramalan berdasarkan Soul Card dan Primbon.


DelMan atau Delivery Manager adalah sebuah applikasi berbasis Android.


An Android application that helps the users learn how to read and write Javanese script.


eMorse is the abbreviation for Electronic Morse, an application to facilitate handicap people communicate with each other.


I-Wallet is a financial management application that will help users to record, plan, and manage their daily finance.

Cek Kulkas

Cek Kulkas is an Android application that functions as the user's virtual fridge.

Kresek Chat

Kresek Chat is a conference messenger application that is built for showing a presentation such as teaching or meeting.


Nusabahana let you play or record various instruments anywhere, anytime using Android device.

SI Asrama

SI Asrama is Asrama UI Information System, which automates the registration and selection process for inhabitant candidates.

SI Wisma Makara

Wisma Makara Information System is the online system to help reservation, check availability, and help digitizing business process of Wisma Makara.


QuickNote application for everyone especially students. Create your very own encyclopaedia!


remoQte lets the user transform ordinary phone into a device that can substitute manual user input to the computer.


Educative application that let end user to practice writing chinese word/character.

Sterile Inbox

Sterile Inbox is a SMS spam filter for Bahasa Indonesia on Android smartphone.