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Published in Gallery at 30 Nov 2013


BolaNG is a Natural Language Generation (NLG) system for football match report. The match report is generated automatically based on football match data. Techniques of Natural Language Generation (NLG) is used in the generation process of the text. The data used by the system is a non-linguistic data stored in a knowledge base. The system can generate varied text based on mode, perspective, and language. The system is implemented in the form of web service where users can access the functionality through the Bolang website. In the research that has been done, the amount of match data available are limited and were collected in semi-automatic ways. However, for the future development it is possible to improve this system to collect data fully automatic from web, database, or other data resources.

Pictures and Screenshots

  • BolaNG
  • BolaNG
  • BolaNG


Initiated as Student Project 2013, by the team:

  • Achmad Fatchuttamam Abka
  • Daya Adianto

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