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Published in Gallery at 7 Nov 2012
Published in Google Play Store at 3 Sep 2012


eMorse is the abbreviation of Electronic Morse. The inception of this Android application is to create a medium to facilitate handicap people to communicate with each other, for example when a blind tries to communicate with a deaf.

The idea is to use Morse code to solve the problem. Using the Morse code, a blind can hear the sound of the code and a deaf can see the light that follows the pattern of the Morse code. Another reason to use Morse code is it is already known worldwide and relatively easy to teach. However, there are several people who do not have any knowledge about Morse code. That is why the team decided to create an application to help people understand the Morse code.


  • Translate from Latin alphabet to Morse code and vise versa
  • See the list of available Morse code and the character it represents
  • Train the user to master the Morse code
  • Send SMS with Morse code and translate it


  • eMorse
  • eMorse
  • eMorse
  • eMorse
  • eMorse


Initiated as assignment for Software Development course, by the team:

  • I.B.P. Peradnya D
  • Ricky Timothy Gultom
  • Gatra Nugraha
  • Anandra Achmad Rinaldo Soroinda

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