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Published in Gallery at 7 Nov 2012
Published in Google Play Store at 4 Sep 2012


I-Wallet is a financial management application that will help college students, working people, or other users to record, plan, and manage their daily finance. Moreover, it can help to record some items the users wish to buy, which the prices can be synchronized with those in It can be used easily since the users only need to add financial planning and adjust it through Daily Review feature every day. The user can see a pie chart output and other financial details in the Financial Report feature. Its theme color and its password can also be personalized for each user through Personalization feature.


  • I Wallet
  • I Wallet
  • I Wallet
  • I Wallet
  • I Wallet
  • I Wallet


Initiated as assignment for Software Development course, by the team:

  • Prildy
  • Timotius Nico
  • Monica
  • Rr Devita Mira Lestari

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