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Kresek Chat

Published in Gallery at 7 Nov 2012
Published in Google Play Store at 4 Sep 2012


Kresek Chat is a conference messenger application that is built to show a presentation, such as teaching or meeting. A user can create a room or join into a specific room. Each user has a specific role with different authorization. There are 2 different roles: the Presenter and Audience. Presenter is the owner of the room who can upload the presentation picture and speak along the chat. The Audience is the user who join the room, who can only speak after obtaining permission from the Presenter. The Audience can send an interruption message so the Presenter can allow or deny the Audience to speak during the chat. The interruption process is like simulation of raising hand in a class. Any roles can download the presentation pictures and save the chat log.


  • Kresek Chat
  • Kresek Chat
  • Kresek Chat
  • Kresek Chat


Initiated as assignment for Software Development course, by the team:

  • Philip Arthur
  • Ibnu Sina
  • Fitri Nurinsani Rachbini
  • Muhammad Andri Ihsannudin

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