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Published in Gallery at 7 Nov 2012
Published in Google Play Store at 8 Oct 2012


Enjoy the beauty of Indonesia's traditional music instruments with Nusabahana. Nusabahana let the user play or record various instruments anywhere, anytime. If SoundCloud for Android is already installed, the user can easily share his/her record file to anyone. Currently, there are 3 categories of music instruments:

  1. Javanese Gamelan which includes bonang, saron, kenong, kendang, and gong
  2. Balinese Gamelan which includes ugal, gangsa, giying, kantil, and gender
  3. Angklung and Arumba


  • Play various Indonesia's traditional music instruments
  • Provide information about instrument you play
  • Play instrument with background music
  • Share record file via SoundClound application
  • Provide tutorial and demo for gamelan jawa & angklung instruments


  • Nusabahana
  • Nusabahana
  • Nusabahana
  • Nusabahana


Initiated as assignment for 2012 Software Development course, by the team:

  • Robeth Rahmatullah
  • Widyana Prita Karnia
  • Panji Yudha Satriawan
  • Tika Permata Sari Dama

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