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Published in Gallery at 18 Jan 2013


Do you love to subscribe content message but you afraid your broadcast information gonna be uncontrolled spam?
Ever worried that the upcoming message will drain your pocket?
Regdroid is the solution.
Are you a person that loves to share information?
And ever worried to the sophistication of broadcasting informations?
Ever worried that your informations gonna be recognized as a spam?
Regdroid is also the solution.

Regdroid is an android-based application which let you control your subscription easier. As a provider, you can configure the availability of your content. You just need send once for all, let Regdroid Server do the rest. As a subscriber, you can controlled how often you want to receive your broadcast message. and you can also configure when you want to receive them. Let Regdroid pick the data and provide it in SMS inbox for you.

Main feature:

Register you channel at, and enjoy Regdroid's features:

  1. Account Authentication
  2. Speech to Text
  3. Configuration Content Availability
  4. Compose New Content
  5. Edit and Delete Content
  6. Shake-to-delete Shortcut
  7. Gesture shortcut
  8. Internet Connection Notifier

And as a subscriber, you can sign is as subscriber and enjoy Regdroid's features:

  1. Search Channel
  2. Subscribe/Unsubscribe Channel
  3. Frequency Configuration
  4. Retrieval Scheduling Configuration
  5. Speech to Text
  6. Gesture shortcut
  7. Internet Connection Notifier

Size : 885 kb
Content Rating : Low Maturity


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