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Sterile Inbox

Published in Gallery at 22 Jan 2013
Published in Google Play Store at 7 Dec 2012


Enjoy the brand new experience of Sterile Inbox!! Sterile Inbox is back with revamped look & feel, lots of bug fixes, stability & performance improvements, and refined spam filtering process! Sterile Inbox is a SMS spam filter for Bahasa Indonesia. It is used alongside your default SMS application and prevent spam from reaching your inbox. Enjoy your daily activity without any disturbance from spam message. Currently Sterile Inbox offers various features including

  • Spam Filtering
  • Blocking specified spammer
  • Customization of ringtone and vibration for spam notification
  • Disable spam filtering for known contacts
  • Adjusting spam filtering behavior
  • Adding new model of spam message
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  • Spam data addition
  • Blocking sender
  • Settings
  • Viewing Spam
  • Spam list


Initiated as assignment for Software Development course, by the team:

  • Adani Arisy
  • Eka Zahnia P.
  • Miftahul Husni

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