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EUIS: Enterprise University Information System

Published in Gallery at 23 Nov 2012


The role of information technology (IT) in management of a university is an absolute necessity today. IT can help improving academic quality, managing resource, and improving administration and university service quality.

It motivated the development of Enterprise University Information System (EUIS). EUIS is a form of information system for managing universities. It is an integrated system that includes several information system for managing university, for example the Academic Information System, Employee Information System, and Facility Information System. EUIS stores the data owned by the universities and process the data in the system.

EUIS is a modular application that can be implemented partially according to the university's needs. EUIS is also interoperable, so it can be integrated to the other information systems previously owned by the university. EUIS is integrated with social network, so the social network can be used to access academic information.


Initiated as Business Incubator I-MHERE project, with the team:

  • Petrus Mursanto
  • Wulung Pambuko
  • M Zaki Rahman
  • Rakhmad Azhari
  • A.C. Arsyady
  • Rimphy Darmanegara
  • Respati Hafidz Budi
  • Kastin Tinara

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