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Published in Gallery at 27 Dec 2012


The society is often confused by the amount of monthly electric bill. The use of electricity every month seems the same, however, the amount of bills are significantly different. A detailed information about the reason for bill overrun often can not be obtained. Then most of the citizen assuming that they might be spending too much electricity. The situation above motivates the team to develop Veda.

Veda is an electronic solution for Smarthome and Energy Monitoring platform. It is a complete automated solution to save electricity easily. Veda supports many devices and applications in monitoring and controlling electronic equipments in houses and buildings. Veda enables other home monitoring devices to be combined with Veda’s platform. Veda also enables third party developers to install their applications and interact with the devices and environment available in Veda platform. In addition, Veda is designed to be connected to any social media that is packed with real time data and user experience using the internet connection.

Pictures and Screenshots

  • Electronic device equipped with Veda.
  • Control Panel user interface in smartphone.
  • User interface to add room.
  • User interface to choose room to add.
  • List of rooms added.
  • List of option in bedroom.
  • User interface to add HEM device.
  • User interface for energy monitoring and expenses.
  • Screenshot IRIS to monitor realtime electricity use.
  • Veda booting.
  • Veda control panel.
  • Veda in smartphone.


Initiated as Business Incubator I-MHERE project, with the team:

  • Budiarto
  • Rizky Syaiful

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