Gallery of Fasilkom UI's projects

Business Incubators

The current landscape of the IT industry is filled with numerous examples of small enterprises that are founded on the basis of high potential innovations originating from academic research labs, with the most famous example certainly being Google Inc. In the era of the Internet, geographic location is no longer a barrier for competing in the global stage.

With collaboration with Pusat Ilmu Komputer - Pusilkom (Computer Science Center) and external funding support, the Faculty of Computer Science at Universitas Indonesia (Fasilkom UI) helped set up units called business incubators, which serve as the breeding ground for businesses based on research outputs and/or student innovations.


Veda is an electronic solution for Smarthome and Energy Monitoring platform. It is a complete automated solution to save electricity easily. Veda supports many devices and applications in monitoring and controlling electronic equipments in houses and buildings.

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EUIS is a system for university management that includes several information systems, for example the Academic Information System, Employee Information System, and Facility Information System.

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Indonesia Government 2.0

The diversity of information technology used in local governments cause unadaptive IT/IS infrastructure. It prevents business function to easily scale, extend or deploy a new Government service. The Indonesia Goverment 2.0 project aims to create a framework to develop applications for local government in Indonesia.

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