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Room of Disaster

Published in Gallery at 4 Jan 2013
Published in Nokia Ovi Store at 11 Jul 2011


Room of Disaster is a match-making game that combine education and entertainment in one package. The main idea of this game is matching one object with another that has similarity. For example, in a level, the user must decide where to drop an image of two ducks, where the choices are three boxes labeled with number one, two, and three. During the game, player will face more difficult challenge. The user can also choose different modes of the game.


  • Room of Disaster
  • Room of Disaster
  • Room of Disaster


Initiated as submission for Nokia TapThatApp Competition, by team Disastroo:

  • Adzar Karomy
  • Gigih Aji Ibrahim
  • Ichsan Giri Suseno

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