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Tap The Beat

Published in Gallery at 4 Jan 2013


This game, which categorized as music adventure, runs in the Android platform. The player's role is an amateur who dreams to be a world-renowned one. To achieve the dream and be recognized as a great musician, the player has to beat the rivals.

In the gameplay, a map is available to be explored. It can be used to find the rivals to finally involve in a battle. In every battle, the player has to finish different music. The player can also find items to use in the battle.


  • Main Menu
  • Adventure
  • Battle
  • Shop
  • Hoax Gamers Logo


Initiated as assignment for Game Development course, by the Hoax Gamers Team:

  • Bukhori M Aqid
  • Feby Ardiansyah
  • Rina Akta
  • Yuri Setiantoko

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