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High Performance Computing Resource Alternative Based on Cluster Using Playstation 3

Published in Gallery at 31 Oct 2012


Universitas Indonesia has cluster Hastinapura and cluster that belongs to the Pharmacy Department of UI. Both clusters can be utilized to carry out either serial or parallel computations.

The growth of the clusters above motivated the team to exploit cluster environment using Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) game console. The PS3 cluster is expected to meet the requirement of scientific computing that needs inexpensive high performance computing power. To measure the computing performance of PS3 cluster, the dense and sparse matrices is calculated using the Octave software.


Initiated as 2011 Student Project I-MHERE, with the team:

  • Ari Wibisono
  • Muhammad Hafizhuddin Hilman
  • Muhammad Eka Suryana
  • Enrico Budianto

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