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Published in Gallery at 13 Dec 2012


Learning is everyone’s needs and rights, since they were born until they are died. Learning in the context of academic is actually useful for children as the provision for their future. Unfortunately, the major activities of learning in this context are not pleasing for them. Learning is often regarded as a burden faced by children since it made them lost their rights of doing something fun like playing and other fun activities, due to one reason: for the sake of success in academic. Hence, changes are necessary for the sake of the urgency of learning for children and their right to keep doing fun activities.

Motivated by the worst fact of learning, the application called ‘Edoocatia’ is born. Edoocatia is a game application designed as an alternative learning for primary school children. It educates children using its contents. In this application, the game explores the school lessons like basic science for children. The lessons are laid out into scenarios or storyboards of game. Hence there will appear so many questions in the scenario that alluded to the matter of school lesson. By using this application, it is expected that children can understand the lessons easily and keep fun until their knowledge increased unconsciously. Furthermore, this alternative learning will enhance their sense of curios towards the matter of lesson.

There are some supporting features in this application which accommodate the children’s sense of curiousity such as ‘Forum Kita Pintar’ and ‘Jelajah Web’. By these features, children can dig out more about the matters appear on the game they are playing. In the ‘Forum’ they can ask fellow users to exchange insights, while in the ‘Jelajah Web’ they can procure many references and any new knowledge from the internet. The other supporting feature is ‘Sang Juara’, which in this feature a player can views score of him and others, thus player will be pushed ahead to run into higher score. As the point of the aim, with ‘Edoocatia’, children would like to learn everything by their initiatives without compulsion. Hence, learning would become more exciting and fun.


Initiated as 2012 Student Project I-MHERE, by the team:

  • Futuhal Arifin
  • Yahya Muhammad
  • Fikrul Arif Nadra
  • Gatra Nugraha
  • Dika Handika
  • Tsabitah Alaa M
  • Liza Yudhita W

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