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GraphBT: Integrated Software Development Tool in Behavior Tree using Eclipse Graphiti

Published in Gallery at 31 Oct 2012


Research and development of Behavior Engineering (BE) is done by the works of University of Queensland and Griffith University. Universitas Indonesia through Formal Method and Software Engineering (FMSE) Laboratory of Faculty of Computer Science also cooperate to build practical solution of BE process. BE is a process to analyse and to break down a complex requirement which may contains ambiguity and uncomplete information into a set of Behavior Tree (BT). The set of BT then processed and merged to an Intergrated BT (IBT) that can be simulated, model checked, and also implemented. Research that conducted in FMSE lab includes SAL translator and model checker integration tool, code generation tool, and debugger and simulation tools. All of the tools are built as an Eclipse plugin and separated to each other. In April 2012, a group was granted a funding to integrate all of the works that conducted in FMSE lab plus some additional work to create the graphical editor of BT. This project produced a tool which called GraphBT.

The initial tool development was started in April and ended in September 2012. The tool is build as an Eclipse plugin. Eclipse is the most growing open source project and already has a big community. This tool utilizes many Eclipse frameworks such as Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) to modeling its object, ATL to extract model from a certain code, and Graphiti to create the diagram editor of BT. The tool is released as an open source project and dedicated for BE Group. Eventhough the project was started in April, many works are already built before. First is the development of Code Generator as an Eclipse plug-in to produce generated Java code from a given BT code that is conducted in September to December 2011 and also the development of Debugger and BT Execution Simulator that conducted in February 2012 to June 2012.


Initiated as 2012 Student Project I-MHERE, with the team:

  • Emerson Chan Simbolon
  • Agung Pratama
  • Ardi
  • Chairunnisa Atimas Nurahmad
  • Ikhsanul Habibie

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