Gallery of Fasilkom UI's projects

Research Products

Research Products are products which were the outcome of researches conducted by our students and lecturers to solve problems around IT and the society. The researches were targeted to build ready to use products.

Mobile Web Service Apps

This project aims to develop mobile applications that acts as interface for server-based applications.

Print Management

Having a large number of students with more than 300 PC connected to the network, Fasilkom UI has to provide printing service in campus.

Traffic Light Controller

Motivated by traffic jam problem in Jakarta, this project proposed a traffic controller that is adaptive to the traffic load.

Detecting Plagiarism

This project proposes an algorithm to detect plagiarism within a set of of already similar source codes to be used in academic environment.

Semantic Data Infrastructure

This research aims to construct the data stored in Universitas Indonesia's information systems to be meaningful for machine using semantic web concepts.

High Performance Computing Resource Alternative

Increasing computing performance can be achieved using cluster computing.

Antarnusa Travel Solution

AntarNusa is a web-based application to simplify the user to buy flight tickets using the Host-to-Host system without using credit cards.

Hello Mom

A web-based application to help mothers raise their children with pleasant user friendly features.


The set of Behavior Trees produced by Behavior Engineering process can be developed and merged into an Integrated BT.


Pheris is a self-learning application for deaf people, particularly the deaf kids.

Palm Doctor

Palm Doctor application can detect disease on the leaves of palm trees.


Edoocatia is an application designed as an alternative learning for primary school children.

Sistem Informasi Poliklinik

This information system is helping to integrate three business sub-processes: registration, services, and pharmacy which are in PKM UI.

Gamified e-Learning

A study on e-Learning system integrated with gamification elements.