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Palm Doctor

Published in Gallery at 2 Nov 2012


Indonesia is the biggest supplier of oil palm plantations in the world. More than 50% of the supply of palm oil comes from Indonesia. In the development and maintenance, oil palm plantation facing the threat of pests, diseases and weeds that can cause a decrease in yields. Early detection of palm disease is essential to save the palm trees from damage and disruption of production. Therefore, the Doctor is developing Palm applications aimed for early detection of disease of oil palm plantations. Palm Doctor is a mobile application detection of disease on the leaves of palm trees. Diseases that can be detected by this application is a Hawar Daun disease, Antraknosa and Purple Spot. By leveraging the technology of image processing and machine learning, Doctor Palm applications can detect these diseases through visual symptoms appear on the leaves.


Initiated as 2012 Student Project I-MHERE, with the team:

  • Hafizh Kalamullah
  • Ardhi Putra Pratama
  • Jodi Setiyawan
  • Aprinaldi
  • Qorib Munajat
  • Alham Fikri Aji
  • Hendi Irawan

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