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Semantic Data Infrastructure Development in Universitas Indonesia Environment

Published in Gallery at 13 Dec 2012


Universitas Indonesia (UI) has several information systems using the social network concept. These systems aims to support every social activities conducted in UI, such as the laboratories information system and the students forum. Using these information systems, the data is stored in the main database, which is maintained by the Pusat Pelayanan Sistem Informasi UI (PPSI UI).

Similar to today's Web, the data stored in these systems is fragmented and stored without any ontology. Thus, the data is only useful under human supervision. This research aims to construct the data to adjust it to the Web vision, that is the semantic web.


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Initiated as 2011 Student Project I-MHERE, with the team:

  • Ananda Budi P
  • Jan Peter Alexander
  • Rudi Airlangga
  • Fariz Darari

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