Gallery of Fasilkom UI's projects

Gallery of projects initiated at Fasilkom UI

Collection of our proud researches, games, and applications initiated at Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia.


Our faculty offers a course in Game Development to provide an opportunity for students to learn about the aspects of game design and the game itself. The students will be getting practical development experience in various platforms and game engines as well. This gallery shows the games that were created as a result of the final project conducted in the course and games that participated in competitions.


In developing the students' knowledge of software engineering and project management, we task the students to develop any kind of creative web or mobile applications useful for the society. Some of these applications are already published in the Android Market and Nokia Ovi Store.

About Gallery Fasilkom UI

As one of the most reputable university in Indonesia, one of the faculty in Universitas Indonesia, that is the Faculty of Computer Science, has been conducting researches that bring contribution for the society. Researches in the faculty are focused to many areas in IT, advised by competent researchers. Generally, the researchers are lecturers and research students, whom most of them are postgraduate students. Undergraduate students have also been conducting researches in their thesis project.

Many of the researches in the faculty are focused on developing ready to use products. There are products that may benefit fellow IT researchers. These products are already published at since 2008. Recently, the faculty is also publishing research products for the society. This gallery homepage displays products that were initiated in the faculty to be used by people.